A simply secure, compliant and verifiable digital signature solution


ePOA v4-1


Manage Power of Attorney (POA)

Assign and revoke POA in minutes 

Manage individual level POA authority 




Confirm Signing Authority upload  
Sign from anywhere 
Adopt or upload Signature upload 




Enforce binding authority 
Digitize your current seal authority 
Design / Choose from 3 colour options 
e verifciation-2


Verify Documents


Verify in seconds Adopt or upload
Verify content and signatures Adopt or upload
Certificate of authenticity
Adopt or upload
signing history v2

Signing History

Track all key activities throughout the signing ceremony 

Get audit trail logs and a certificate of authenticity 
support multiple clients

Support Multiple Clients

Easily manage contracts and documents for multiple businesses  
team Management

Team Management

Add as many team members as you need 

Manage role-based signing permissions
chhose a signaturev1

Choose a signature that you like

Upload a real signature or chose one from the list 

Deploy it flexibly


Host it with us or at your premises 

Choose between Private Cloud, Public Cloud, On-Premise or a combination for deployment 
Multi device Icon-1

Device agnostic solution

Use across multiple devices 

Adapts to mobile devices for optimal signing experience signing experience
multi languagev2

Multi-lingual support


Get multi-lingual support
Completely white labelled solution

Add Your Brand


Completely white labeled solution
Add your company logo and name in the application signing experience
Digital Signature with stamp

Digital Signature

Get to know it …


A digital signature is a specific mathematical algorithm that is used to authenticate the validity of a message which could either be a credit card transaction, an online document or just an electronic mailer. It creates computer-generated pattern that are exclusive to an individual or organisation and can be used to authenticate users and safeguard information in all forms of digital communications.


in the words of our clients..

SignatureMaster is a great enabler of our e-bonding business. Benefits like saved courier fees and time savings with less paper handling are real. Setup is quick and it’s easy to use. The SignatureMaster support team is always available to help. We and our clients feel well looked after and our suggestions for ongoing enhancements are always welcomed. You can’t go wrong with SignatureMaster


Shane Sinclair

Marsh Canada Ltd.

Having worked with Xenex before they developed SignatureMaster, I have great appreciation for the team. They listen to the customer and work hard to provide the best solution. As a user of SignatureMaster, I have had an excellent experience with them over the past few years. The team is responsive and always can be relied upon to resolve any issues or concerns. They operate in the spirit of cooperation and respect for co-workers and customers. 

Client Testimonial Marta Stawski

Marta Stawski

Surety | Aviva Global Corporate & Specialty

I have been using SignatureMaster™ in my Insurance practice since May 2020. It’s the best new thing I’ve seen in the Insurance Industry in 10 years! For customers who would find it difficult to come to an office to sign documents, it’s a gift. Even for the non-tech-savvy clients, it’s manageable.

Ghassan A.M. Luqman image

Ghassan A.M. Luqman

All-Risk Insurance Brokers Limited.

I’m finding SignatureMaster™ perfect for our needs. Without SignatureMaster we were looking at the folding, stuffing, sealing, stamping, mailing hundreds of envelopes, and then retrieving the responses Our clients have told us how simple it was for them to access the documents from the comfort of their own homes and offices. A few mouse clicks and it’s done.  It’s fast. It’s efficient. It’s simple. It’s secure. I wish I had known about it when Covid-19 hit in March of 2020.

aplus logo-1

Russ Stewart CFP

Accuracy Plus Tax Service

Oh boy, SignatureMaster™ saved our butts! A day and a half before a tender closing we realized the hard copy bonds we had couriered weren’t going to make it in time. Short of reordering bonds and flying a team member to Vancouver from Whitehorse, Yukon to make our deadline, we were out of options. We called Xenex in a panic and within 20 minutes they had us setup with our online E-bonding profile and our broker was able to prepare PDF bid documents for us to sign and seal. An electronic seal was available in less than 24 hours and our Bid was submitted with several hours to spare. We cannot thank you enough for your support and quick action SignatureMaster™ team!

yukon WIM headshot

Lauren Humble

Cobalt Construction Inc.

During the preparation of a recent proposal, I was in a tight spot, with a very short deadline to submit the electronic bid bond. "SignatureMaster™ by Xenex saved the day! With just a 3-hour deadline for the bond submission, their support team guide me through the e-signing, e-sealing, and e-verification process. Their assistance was instrumental in securing the e-bond before the deadline. I appreciate SignatureMaster™'s support and will recommend their electronic bond services to others any time.

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