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We focus on accelerating business productivity and simplifying life for companies and people. We are the go-to solution provider for the Surety Industry in Canada.

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Be bold and experience bond production redefined and produce more surety bonds

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Our Core Values

Xenex Enterprises Inc. has always been a value-driven Organisation. These values continue to direct the growth and business for us.

Boldly Innovate

Boldly Innovate!

  • Think outside the box

  • Constantly reinvent the wheel

Do it right v8125125

Do it Right!

Understand what matters

      • Attention to Detail
Redefining Possibilities v8 125125

Deliver Value!

  • Focus on what matters  

      • Exceed expectations   
delight customers 125125

Delight Customers!

  • Be there always 

      • Be Awesome 
Digital Signature with Stamp

Digital Signature, get to know it …

A digital signature is a specific mathematical algorithm that is used to authenticate the validity of a message which could either be a credit card transaction, an online document or just an electronic mailer. It creates computer-generated pattern that are exclusive to an individual or organisation and can be used to authenticate users and safeguard information in all forms of digital communications. Digital signature is substantially safer than any other type of e-Signature. 


Being Small is a Competitive Advantage

We’re in exciting times. Technology enabled innovation is rampant in every industry and the Surety industry is no exception. We see these innovations as the great equalizers; the game changers that put brokers and carriers on the same playing field regardless of size. Furthermore we believe the small players have an advantage.

Here’s an extract from our blog on “how being small is in fact a distinct competitive advantage”. Download the full article here for a thorough update.


Digital-Signature a competitive advantage

in the words of our clients ...

Shane Sinclair photo

Shane Sinclair

Marsh Canada Ltd.

SignatureMaster is a great enabler of our e-bonding business. Benefits like saved courier fees and time savings with less paper handling are real. Setup is quick and it’s easy to use. The SignatureMaster support team is always available to help. We and our clients feel well looked after and our suggestions for ongoing enhancements are always welcomed. You can’t go wrong with SignatureMaster!

Marta Stawski Photo

Marta Stawski

Surety | Aviva Global Corporate & Specialty

Having worked with Xenex before they developed SignatureMaster, I have great appreciation for the team. They listen to the customer and work hard to provide the best solution. As a user of SignatureMaster, I have had an excellent experience with them over the past few years. The team is responsive and always can be relied upon to resolve any issues or concerns. They operate in the spirit of cooperation and respect for co-workers and customers.

Luqman Ghassan-1


All-Risk Insurance Brokers Limited.

I have been using SignatureMaster™ in my Insurance practice since May 2020. It’s the best new thing I’ve seen in the Insurance Industry in 10 years! For customers who would find it difficult to come to an office to sign documents, it’s a gift. Even for the non tech-savvy clients, it’s manageable.

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