One size does not fit all. Using the best suited and proven technologies, we tailor software applications to help boost organisations to the top of their game. With Xenex, enterprise class architecture and intuitive solutions are the norm. We craft custom solutions to control costs, improve resource productivity, accelerate time to market and expedite response to customers. 

We reduce the amount of work people actually have to do!  

Our capabilities include  

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation  

Project Management-1

Project management and rescue  

Application Development

Application Development  


Business Development  

Over the last 35+ years in business, we have developed many customs applications and rescued many more ailing application development projects including. 


Insurance Solution  

GPS tracking and geo-fencing commercial vehicle security and tracking system (similar to gps tracking system from one of the largest automobile company)



Remote leased asset management for multinational photo copy and document management company and document management company

eprocurement v5


Rare, vintage wine and alcoholic beverages e-commerce website for a Crown corporation and document management company and document management 



Automated Clearing House (ACH) process tracking system

Corporate cash management system and document management company and; 

Not for profit


Grant, Bursary and Scholarship funding management system for 38 provincial agencies


Entrepreneurial program enrolment, selection and monitoring system for a Government business incubator


Mange power of attorney


Carrier surety bond and developer surety processing application for a Multinational surety






Food and Beverage v1-1

Food and Beverages  

Six Sigma Manufacturing productivity improvement system








Remote Wi-Fi network signal availability management system for office towers and under ground parking






Digital Signature with Stamp

Digital Signature, get to know it more…

A digital signature is a specific mathematical algorithm that is used to authenticate the validity of a message which could either be a credit card transaction, an online document or just an electronic mailer. It creates computer-generated pattern that are exclusive to an individual or organisation and can be used to authenticate users and safeguard information in all forms of digital communications. Digital signature is substantially safer than any other type of e-Signature.