Criminal activity is increasing as is the level of hacking sophistication. Protective solutions that were once sufficient are no longer adequate.

SignatureMaster© -  when being sure is business-critical - is the application for multi-party contracts and agreements. For high-value business transactions, the financial, legal and M&A professionals put their trust in Xenex’s secure e-signature and digital authentication system.  SignatureMaster© ensures that digital documents are compliant, legally binding and non-repudiable.

Digital Signature, Seal and Document Authentication

In today‘s business world it is common for electronic forms and documents to be exchanged between local and international trading partners. As this practice becomes commonplace, the risks grow. Organizations have to find more robust ways to protect themselves. PDF is the accepted standard for securing documents but the security cannot be guaranteed across the variety of PDF product sets. SignatureMaster© standardizes document security across all 3rd party PDF readers and adds guaranteed change detection.

Xenex automates the e-signature process life cycle with its secure e-Signature and Authentication System. SignatureMaster© ensures that the three legal requirements governing electronic signatures are satisfied; namely

  • The affixed signatures are authentic
  • The signatures were affixed intentionally
  • The document has not been changed since the signatures were affixed

SignatureMaster© further strengthens the security by

  • enforcing signatory authorization
  • enabling document content, signatures and seals verification
  • confirming delivery

This is accomplished through enhanced standard industry encryption algorithms as well as a hardware and software-based digital identity management.

SignatureMaster© facilitates multiparty agreement collaboration across borders of time and geography while simultaneously guaranteeing document content integrity verification.


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