Xenex Enterprises Inc. launched in 1983. We have dedicated over 30 years to business innovation and growth across a wide variety of industries – Construction, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Higher Education, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Food & Beverage and Not for Profit.

At our roots we are entrepreneurial. Our mission is to ‘boldly pursue the ultimate in business innovation’. Our core values are innovation and excellence, consistency and attention to detail. We foster agility and a firmly held belief that “it can be done”. We “sweat the small stuff”. We understand the realities of risk and resource constraints in day-to-day business.

Our solutions unleash unique value propositions and enhance your business competitiveness and profitability.

The Customer relationship with Xenex is highly interactive. We become an extension to your  resource pool and ensure the appropriate players and stakeholders are fully engaged. Xenex thrives on business challenge and follows a streamlined methodology to understand requirements that address the immediate and longer term goals of your venture. We explore alternatives and deliver flexible solutions enabled by industry standard technology frameworks and customizable functional modules.

Our strengths are in web enabled enterprise class work flow automation and intuitive user interfaces. Our solutions consistently deliver increased productivity, reduced costs and maximized customer and employee retention. We align our solutions to your business goals.

Xenex has a long history of successfully delivering the most difficult, comprehensive and time-sensitive development projects for both corporate and public sector organizations.

Our resource pool includes software and database professionals with extensive experience in delivering enterprise applications utilizing the most up-to-date JEE architectures and frameworks. We can build an application that implements virtually any business functionality

As a productivity improvement company we:

  • re-engineer and streamline business processes with work flow automation
  • integrate legacy and new business applications extending the life of existing applications
  • enhance user-system interaction with intuitive interfaces
  • capture business rules and experience for reuse by experts and novices alike


As a capabilities improvement company we:

  • build e-Learning solutions
  • build web enabled data capture for research applications
  • build web enabled course registration and progress monitoring solutions
  • build web enabled participant selection and ranking applications
  • build high performing teams in disciplines like Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Application Development
  • offer training and coaching services

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