Business & Technology Consulting

Improving Business bottom lines with process audits and automation, rescuing and revitalizing projects, building competencies in information management, governance, analytics...

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Custom Software Development

Enhancing Business productivity and profitability with SMART applications. Enterprise class solutions are possible and affordable. One size does not fit all and all application solutions must be flexible, scalable and aligned with business goals and strategies.

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Surety Industry Solutions

The "Go-to-Guy” in transforming the Surety industry with web work flow underwriting applications, Surety e-bond and e-procurement hubs, digital signing, sealing, authenticating...

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Good old “horse” sense, vivid imagination and unbridled enthusiasm...

Xenex Enterprises Inc. has been working in and along side business for over 30 years.

It’s business first and technology second. End-to-end functionality automation, easy to use interfaces and speed of delivery are Xenex trademarks.  

Our mission is to boldly pursue the ultimate in business innovation